The CTS Mission:

Our Mission is to design and provide innovative security system solutions for our Community, State and Nation.


CTS is a mid-sized, tailored service firm that protects over $1.8 Billion in assets in the Washington, D.C. area alone. CTS is in the top 19% of the industry in revenues and the top 15% in security management and surveillance system installations. Our technical staff averages 30 years of experience designing, developing, installing and servicing only top-quality solutions, placing them in the top 6% of the Security Industry. No other security corporation in the Washington, D.C. area can claim this stand-alone position. However, CTS client-partners offer the most important statistics, demonstrating complete customer satisfaction.

Founder and CEO, Jorge G Lozano, is a highly regarded industry expert who created the CTS Design Requirements Matrix, enabling us to tailor explicit security solutions for each CTS client-partner. Our technical consultants are masters of this tool and have the competence in operational disciplines.

Our Approach:

  • Perform initial security audit, creating customized studies to assess critical security issues
  • Determine impact of issues on client’s operations as well as the value of the “dollars at risk
  • Create initial security and surveillance system design
  • Calculate return-on-investment and payback period

Our Services:


  • Tailored to fit your security needs, CTS partners with the client to asses and determine a system-architecture based on your statement of objectives and statement of work.
  • Build and design network and security camera systems with redundant and continuous operations capabilities using both hardwire and wireless communication for ground sensors and mobile units. These units can monitor areas with no communication infrastructure with the use of advanced technology.
  • Our design services include procurement, security architecture, engineering and deployment plans.


  • Project Managers enhance communication process by providing up-to-date project status reports to your management group and Point of Contact (Added-value service is key to providing Total Quality Care for our customers)
  • Program Managers coordinates and oversees contract management logistics and technical aspects of the security tasks and orders received from client. The manager will be able to create the optimum solution while addressing critical project components of Quality, Cost, and Schedule for successful delivery


  • CTS offers a fully managed planned installation program of selected products and systems, from planning process to complete installation
  • Monitoring each installation in order to be time and cost efficient
  • Professional engineers are ready to perform integration to bring a centralized security management platform for security requirements


  • State-of-the-art technology requires state-of-the-art trained service engineers/technicians. Our service personnel maintains the highest level of technical ability.
  • Our maintenance and life cycle agreements, such as our Always Available Service Plan Agreement, are worry free and designed to cover every customer need, 24/7.
  • Condortech Services, Inc. provides comprehensive security systems design, installation, training and support, and addresses the most pressing threats to U.S. national interest and international security such as crime and terrorism. CTS analyzes the forces shaping these problems and identifies the opportunities available for effective intervention into the process of protecting assets using the latest technology. CTS provides a sophisticated analysis of contemporary security issues and takes into consideration their conceptual and historical foundations.

Our goal is to give our clients a quantifiable tool for concrete discussion and decision-making