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Partnered with you, working toward a more secure world.

Our unique, cutting-edge and highly effective access control systems are some of the most innovative security systems on the market, combining over 30 years of quality experience in order to produce designs that take your security to the next level. The perfect solution for any federal, government, commercial or public building, our access control systems enable you to track as well as manage access capability easily and efficiently.

Because our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, we will work with you in order to understand your specific security needs so that we can design, build, and install an access control system that is perfect for you. Including magnetized ID cards, specific to each employee, department or user, a biometric system, or physical security, our access control systems make your safety simple to manage and easy to operate.

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Benefits of Our Access Control Systems

  • Block Unauthorized Visitors
  • Restrict Access to Specific Areas
  • Easily Accommodate Vendors or Suppliers
  • Manage Requirements for Access
  • Efficiently Generate Access Reports
  • Track Employee Times
  • Manage Your Security System Remotely
  • Perform a Localized Lock-Down If Needed
  • And So Much More
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Access Control Products and Services

We understand that your needs are specific and your physical and network security system must answer all of them in order to be fully functional and reliable. In this way, we offer a wide variety of access control products and services, so that you can be confident in your security. These include:

  • Comprehensive Security Systems: Combining socio-economic factors with cultural impacts into comprehensive security systems, we are able to provide you with everything you need for your safety. This includes the design, build and installation of anything from energy-efficient smoke detectors to highly sophisticated smart card readers.
  • Central Command, Communications & Control – C4 System: Equipped with redundant and interoperable capabilities, we are able to integrate cameras, intrusion detectors, communications systems, perimeter protection systems and so much more—all into one, convenient, secure and easy-to-operate Control Center.
  • Biometric Solutions: Using fingerprints, facial recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, signature and voice recognition, the biometric solution identifies and verifies individuals based on physical or behavioral characteristics.
  • ID Card and Smart Card Management Solutions: Whether you are looking for a simple and straightforward ID card system, or a full-blown, secure and protected smart card solution, we have the experience, equipment and knowledge in order to provide you with the very best ID card system design, build, installation, and management solutions.

In addition, we are happy to provide:

  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Asset Tracking Management Systems
  • Information Security and Audio Countermeasures
  • And More

Contact us today and raise your security with the systems that federal and government agencies have been trusting for decades from our security experts.

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