As an executive, one of my biggest headaches is finding and hiring talent. Other integrators have felt the same gap of skills and the few specialized engineers available come at a high price. I knew my headache was legitimate when I saw Bloomberg’s report yesterday (Jan 24th), that the United States has fallen out of the Top 10 Countries for Innovation. Meanwhile, Israel ranked # 10 and South Korea remained #1.

Back in 2015, Forbes listed out the Top 10 Countries with the Most Engineering Graduates. Three years ago, we were in second place with 237,826 graduates a year. #1 was...


2018 marks 28 years for Condortech Services. Starting from my basement, I am really humbled by the progress we’ve made in these past few decades. The reminiscing didn’t last too long though; I really started to reflect on the industry as a whole and how I’ve seen it evolve over time. When we started in my basement, security was a one-horse kind of industry. You installed a camera, a badge reader for entry and you got a gold star. As I am forecasting my company’s future, I realize security integrators must rise to the level of 360° risk mitigators. The origin of this holistic shift stems...


Managing an apartment complex with a single uniform security system is complicated enough; managing a business park, mall, or other structure with multiple businesses and security needs is in a league all its own. Do you need to zone security by building? By floor? By office space? If you don’t know your way around security system specifics, setting up a sufficient and functional security system for your property and tenants’ needs can be a months-long headache. And, in the end, the security system may or may not cover every security concern! Instead of fighting through on your own, trust...


High-tech startups aren’t restricted to Silicon Valley any longer. With widespread access to technology and the easy access to idea-sharing programs online, it seems like technology-centric startups are popping up across the country. If you have a brilliant idea but lack the technological know-how to actually make it happen, it’s easier than ever to team up with someone across the country who is willing to take a leap of faith on your idea. However, as any tech-based movie will tell you, having ample security is important to protecting your magnificent creation from theft, either physical...


How often does science fiction affect the evolution of technology for our world? Think about the communicator used by characters in Star Trek – it’s easy enough to make the leap to modern day cell phone based on shape and function. The Jetsons had a robot maid; we may not have one device that can handle all the household chores, but a Roomba is distinctly a step in the right direction and the various smart home appliances definitely make it possible to have a futuristic home. Then, what about all the security measures that crop up in spy and heist movies? Nearly every...


If you’re in the process of setting up a new business or just moving to a new office space, your classified information needs to stay that way. Of course, the best way to ensure your information’s security is to have an integrated and comprehensive physical and digital security system that allows you to monitor everything. Granted, your security needs may vary whether you’re in the government sector, healthcare, or something else entirely. Don’t base your security on a straight-from-the-box security surveillance system. To fully protect your information, your security system should be...


Thanks in large part to George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, many jokingly or seriously refer to security camera systems as “Big Brother.” This is an impressive legacy for a novel written in 1949, when security camera systems as we know them had barely been a twinkle in developers’ eyes. In Orwell’s novel, the constant refrain, “Big Brother is watching you,” serves as a daunting maxim to the public; thankfully, security cameras are more than just a tool by which authorities exert control. Today, security systems offer protection to your business, information, and employees...


In Washington D.C., government agencies make up a huge majority of the city’s industry. Given that we’re talking about our nation’s capitol, it stands to reason there would be a higher than average amount of government entities here. With so much of our country’s military and government workforce and information here, it is vital that our security systems can keep up with everything being done to run and protect our nation.


Everyone wants to get the most out of a purchase – whether it’s spending a bit more for shoes that will last you years or investing in software to help you track your business expenses better. In a market where there are countless options available, it’s easier to tailor your purchases to your exact specifications. If you take the time to do this for yourself and your business, why wouldn’t you do the same for your security system?


Part of tailoring your security system involves setting up a physical security information management system (PSIM)....


When you think about bank security, what is the first thing to come to mind? Odds are good you immediately see the two-foot-thick solid steel contraption with the spinning lock made infamous by movies and cartoons. But logically, you know that’s not how your money is protected. There may be a built-in safe involved, but more than likely, your finances are heavily guarded by levels of digital means before the vault is even seen.


So why should you do differently for your business? You may have the physical components in place, but today,...


If there is one take-away from the novel and movie The Nanny Diaries, it’s not that New York City’s high society convoluted enough for a soap opera. For our security-conscious readers, the take-away should be centered on the impact a security camera has. When it comes to protecting your family, your home, and/or your business, a security camera system can have a major impact on security.

This may seem common knowledge. The example of The Nanny Diaries might seem overblown, but there’s no way to know what security holes you have until your security system has been...


When was the last time you saw a security system with biometric protection? For most of us, hand scanners and iris identification are measures straight out of the latest Mission Impossible movie. How will the hero get around the immense protection provided by the eye scanner? Will his face prosthetics be enough to trick the facial recognition software? Sure, it heightens the drama, but that’s the movies! That sort of surveillance system doesn’t actually exist, does it?

When it comes to security systems, biometric measures are no longer the domain of top-secret government facilities...


At Condortech, we are aware of the challenging and important work that educators are faced with on a daily basis. There are many problems and distractions that can take away from the ability of teachers and administrators to foster a positive learning environment, and we help to keep these issues to a minimum with security systems tailored to each school’s specific needs. For academic institutions in Springfield and the rest of the country, Condortech provides the resources to make schools safer.


Not only do schools depend on a computer...


Condortech Services, Inc. is Springfield’s Top Rated Local® security consultant for schools, businesses, government offices, and health care facilities. As such, our top priority is keeping your business or organization safe against any and all threats. One important distinction that should be understood by all of our clients is the difference between proactive and reactive security.

Reactive security means being prepared in the unlikely event of a security breach, either in your network or your physical building. Reactive security measures include the sounding of alarms, sealing off...


The administration of Jefferson High School could not have installed a security camera system at a better time. Almost immediately the benefit became apparent. One student was caught “mooning” a group of others in a common area, and was immediately escorted to the office. His parents were called, and when his mother came to meet with the principal, she swore up and down that her precious son would never do anything like that. It was Principal Blind’s great pleasure, at that moment, to show her video evidence to the contrary.

If you run a school, health care facility, or...


As modern facility security systems become more and more sophisticated, businesses and organizations now have a wide variety of options for allowing access to authorized personnel. As Springfield’s trusted security consultant company, Condor Tech wants our clients to understand these different options so that we can help you maintain, install, or upgrade the best integrated security system for your needs. Here are a few examples of the ways in which you can provide building access:

Keypads & Codes

Authorized personnel are given a unique number to input on a...


Nobody understands the importance of airtight building security better than Springfield’s Condor Tech. For years we have been installing, upgrading, and maintaining building security systems in places where failure is simply not an option. Here is a list of several areas in which you will need to devote attention and resources to make sure your facility is absolutely secure.

Access Points

Doors, windows, fire escapes, and rooftop entryways can all serve as an access point for unauthorized personnel to enter your building. Locks should be maintained and...


CTS offers integrated security solutions and security systems in Virginia. Twenty years of experience allows us to exceed all expectations with the security solutions we can provide for you. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and effective system that you can rely on for protection. We truly put you first. If you’re still not convinced, continue reading to see just how we can help you.

  • From a design and engineering aspect, we work with you to assess and determine a security system-architecture based on your specific...

In today’s business world, terms like convergence, synergy and integration are used so frequently that it’s easy to dismiss instances where they actually are occurring. Integrated security systems are a case in point. Behind the growth in security system integration projects is the realization by leaders, managers, school principals, healthcare executives, and more that the risks their organizations face pose catastrophic threats.

Security system integration refers to the trend within a growing number of organizations to merge physical security applications, such as access control,...


Your organization depends on execution of proper employee access in order to maintain effective security of your facility and data. Different members of your staff may have varying levels of clearance depending on their position in your agency. Identification, authentication, and authorization all play a role in granting access to qualified individuals, but the terms are often easily confused. Our security consultants want to help you understand the role that each one serves as an essential piece of your security system. Here is a brief primer to help you discern the...


As threats to businesses, organizations, and agencies become ever more sophisticated, the security industry has responded in kind. The term “integrated” is being applied to security systems with greater frequency. You may wonder what it means. At the most fundamental level, integrated security is aimed at addressing the two basic types of threat: physical threats to your building and property, and logical threats to your data and network. Consolidating defenses against both into one department offers opportunities for increased efficiency and innovative...


A good security camera system is vital for your Virginia business, but if all you are doing is recording your space while problems occur you aren’t getting the most out of your system. This is how most businesses utilize their security camera systems; they set them up and only refer to the footage after something bad has happened. Condor Tech takes a proactive approach to security footage with our video management and analytics service, helping increase security while reducing loss within your business.

Our technology analyzes your security footage and provides valuable...


For some businesses, putting a deadbolt on the door and a surveillance camera on the wall is all the security system they need. For our customers, their Virgina security systems need to be top-rated systems that help them manage access to their facility 24-hours a day. When customers come to us, they get the cutting-edge technology they need to keep their building, their employees, and their businesses safe. We offer controlled access systems tailored to your needs.

When you decide it’s time to set up a world-class Virginia security system for your building, just give us a call. One...


While you security professionals are adept at spotting and dealing with suspicious behavior, it can be difficult to keep a vigilant eye on every corner of your business. Even with security camera systems and roaming guards, one of your biggest assets to security is your daily employees. We are not suggesting that they learn to become security experts, but teaching your employees to identify suspicious activity, as well as the proper way to contact security is a skill that anyone can learn.

To help you company remain nimble and secure, it is important to teach your employees including...


Regardless of your location, there is always a chance of a security breach, and without proper planning the intrusion may result in irreplaceable loss of property, monetary loss, or loss of trust with your customers. To help prevent such losses proper security planning and equipment is a must. With over 25 years of security system experience in both the public and private sector, we are able to give advice that makes a difference. By addressing the four tiers of a quality security system, you will be on your way to a robust security plan.

Prevention – Preventing intrusions is the...