As some of the most innovative technology in the industry, biometrics are revolutionizing the way that we see security. By using facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, iris identification, and others, we are able to eliminate the need for ID access, passwords, or key codes, all while increasing your security. In this way, biometric authentication options can make your business safer with sophisticated technology that makes security personalized to your employees. With easy-to-manage software and a team with decades of experience, see why biometric access control systems are some of our more popular security options.

Benefits of Biometric Access Control Systems

  • More effectively restrict access to highly sensitive areas
  • Eliminates need for key cards and codes
  • Prevents password and key card sharing
  • Enhances security
  • Can replace or be integrated with current access controls
  • Efficient, effective and easy to manage
  • Federally compliant
  • And more

Products and Services

Design – Build – Implement

We are passionate about providing you with only the best security system so that you can rest easy knowing your business is protected. Because of this, we work with you on a personal level, understanding your building, your business, and your needs so that we can provide quality solutions every step of the way. Let us design, build and implement your biometric security system and see why we are Washington DC’s choice for security.

Software and Hardware

Our commitment to excellence means that we provide only the best in security, and that means providing only the most innovative, effective and lasting software and hardware with every job.

A Complete Access Control Solution

Whether you want to switch over to a completely biometric solution, or you would like to integrate it with your current access control system, we have the tools, knowledge, expertise and dedication in order to get the job done right.

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