Biometric Security: The Perks

When was the last time you saw a security system with biometric protection? For most of us, hand scanners and iris identification are measures straight out of the latest Mission Impossible movie. How will the hero get around the immense protection provided by the eye scanner? Will his face prosthetics be enough to trick the facial recognition software? Sure, it heightens the drama, but that’s the movies! That sort of surveillance system doesn’t actually exist, does it?

When it comes to security systems, biometric measures are no longer the domain of top-secret government facilities and Hollywood spy extravaganzas. At Condor Tech, our state-of-the-art security solutions provide your home or business with the fully customizable security based on your needs. Read on to see how biometrics could enhance your existing security system (or perfect the system of your dreams).


One of the biggest worries with any security system is how easily someone could falsify or trick the system to gain access. With biometrics, this is virtually impossible – why do you think these methods are so often the ones used by Hollywood? They seem impossible to defeat because they are the toughest measures available today!


One of the primary reasons biometric security is so effective is because it does away with the keys, access cards, PINs, and passwords that can be so easily misplaced or stolen. Biometrics rely on an individual’s unique features, so your staff won’t need to carry a passcard. Nor will your employees be able to share a password just to make things easier. Thanks to biometric measures, there is no longer a need to remember components or passwords, and no way to share them. All your staff will need for entry is to be registered with your system. A person’s own features will be sufficient to allow or deny entry from there.



Biometric-based security systems are versatile. Because they don’t require an access card or password, they can more easily restrict access based on every individual’s security level. This way, it’s much harder to gain access to your most restricted areas. No more can someone swipe an access card to swipe themselves somewhere they shouldn’t be!

In addition, our biometric system is easy to personalize on an ongoing basis. Once an individual’s information is entered into the system, it is a simple process to give additional access as they move up the ladder or remove access as someone’s responsibilities change.


Okay, it may not actually be just one click, but Condor Tech’s biometric security system makes it simple to immediately restrict access. When an employee leaves the company for whatever reason, all it takes is quick access of your control system to remove their permissions. This way, it’s much faster and easier to remove access; you will no longer have to run around harried to collect access cards and revoke access for their digital credentials.

Condor Tech’s biometric system has the added benefit of being easy to integrate into your existing security system. Our well-trained security consultants can more safely secure your building and teach you our easy-to-manage control system. To implement biometric security and learn about our other security solutions, call Condor Tech today to get started!

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