Building Security Essentials

Nobody understands the importance of airtight building security better than Springfield’s Condor Tech. For years we have been installing, upgrading, and maintaining building security systems in places where failure is simply not an option. Here is a list of several areas in which you will need to devote attention and resources to make sure your facility is absolutely secure.

Access Points

Doors, windows, fire escapes, and rooftop entryways can all serve as an access point for unauthorized personnel to enter your building. Locks should be maintained and controlled to make sure that only your team members can get through to their specified work areas during specified hours.


Internal and external lighting should be available to make it easy to detect anybody at night who is in the building or attempting to enter it. A security camera system can also make it easier to detect intruders and provide evidence in the case of a criminal trial.


Does your building have an alarm system to alert you and the authorities in the case of an intrusion? What triggers the alarm? Do you have a contingency plan laid out for any type of possible break-in that could occur? These are all important questions that any business or organization should consider.


In order for a building’s security to work, there must be trustworthy employees to administer and monitor the facility’s integrated security system. They must be fully trained in all of your system’s technical aspects, and capable of responding quickly and effectively.

Condortech is here to help you make sure that your building is protected around the clock. From security camera systems to consulting services to develop effective procedures, we are Springfield’s experts. Contact Condortech today!