Government Contracts for Security Systems

In Washington D.C., government agencies make up a huge majority of the city’s industry. Given that we’re talking about our nation’s capitol, it stands to reason there would be a higher than average amount of government entities here. With so much of our country’s military and government workforce and information here, it is vital that our security systems can keep up with everything being done to run and protect our nation.


At Condor Tech, we understand just how much of an impact a poor or excellent surveillance system can have, which is why we pride ourselves on combining our experience as security consultants with the most cutting-edge technology to create individualized security systems worthy of protecting any federal, government, public, or commercial building. When you work with Condor Tech, here’s what we provide:


Don’t let just anyone into your space. With our security systems, you can verify that only those who are permitted have gained entry to your building. Block unauthorized visitors, easily create and control restricted access areas, set up specific access for vendors or suppliers, and so on. With our surveillance system, you have control over access for everyone trying to enter your building and you can adjust it easily. In addition to controlling access, you can easily track times and entries and generate access reports.


In our technology-fueled age, security is more than just physical access control. Yes, it’s important to be able to inhibit entry into your building; it’s just as important to control who has access to your virtual property. At Condor Tech, we design and install security solutions that integrate both physical and virtual security. Just as you can easily control who enters your building, our security systems allow you to control and restrict access to your network.



Over 90 percent of our security system contracts are with various government entities in Washington D.C. We offer everything from security camera installation and monitoring systems to card readers and biometric security options that are FIPS-201-1, FIPS 201-2 and HSPD-12 compliant. We have decades of experience working with a variety of government entities that include all branches of the military; Customs, Borders, and Immigration; airport security; and Defense and Homeland Security to fight both physical and cyber security threats.


With a security system from Condor Tech, we will design and implement a system built for you. With our “Central Command, Communications, and Control” system, not only can you easily adjust physical and virtual access, we can work with you to generate reports and develop disaster response plans. Be ready for an emergency evacuation and have backup plans for access already coded into your security system.

With Condor Tech, you can be sure you’re protecting both physical and digital assets. Call today to work with a trained security consultant who will design and implement security solutions based on your needs. Call Condor Tech for government-compliant security systems today!