Hiring a Security Firm Versus Independent Security Consultant

If you’re in the process of setting up a new business or just moving to a new office space, your classified information needs to stay that way. Of course, the best way to ensure your information’s security is to have an integrated and comprehensive physical and digital security system that allows you to monitor everything. Granted, your security needs may vary whether you’re in the government sector, healthcare, or something else entirely. Don’t base your security on a straight-from-the-box security surveillance system. To fully protect your information, your security system should be designed and customized to your unique security needs, which means hiring a trained security consultant. The next big option you’ll need to decide between is: Does it matter whether your system is designed by a security solutions firm or an independent security consultant?


Hiring an independent security consultant or security advisor is rather similar to hiring an independent architect to design your home rather than going to a home building firm. When you choose an architect to design a new home, you’ll get the individualized attention and drafting that allows you to customize as much as the laws of gravity and physics will allow. This can be a boon for creativity in comparison to the design restrictions placed by a housing development.

However, the downside to hiring that independent architect is that they often lack a lot of the resources a home development firm already has in place, so once you have the home design, you’ll need contractors and builders to actually make the home come to fruition. Likewise, independent security consultants have years of training and experience to design a customized security system based on your needs. However, they often lack the resources to actually put that security system into place themselves. This means you’re left finding contractors or hiring someone else to put that plan into action.


Hiring an independent consultant to design your security system is similar to our architect example, but the parallels aren’t exact. An independent security consultant faces the same sorts of limitations an independent architect would in terms of making the design happen. Fortunately for your security needs, hiring a security firm doesn’t limit the customizable options to a set few the way you might see when going to a housing development group.

At Condor Tech, we specialize in integrated security systems designed by our team of trained security consultants and implemented by our team. This means you get the security solutions you need to keep your business secure. A security consultant from Condor Tech will perform a security risk assessment and design a security plan that incorporates both physical and digital security. Then, once the design is finalized and meets your standards, our team will come in and implement the designs for you. This way, you know no communication gaps will occur between designer and the security system going in place.

For fully integrated security systems designed by a trained security consultant, call Condor Tech in Washington D.C. to begin the process for your security needs today!

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