HSPD-12: How Is Your ID Management?

How often does science fiction affect the evolution of technology for our world? Think about the communicator used by characters in Star Trek – it’s easy enough to make the leap to modern day cell phone based on shape and function. The Jetsons had a robot maid; we may not have one device that can handle all the household chores, but a Roomba is distinctly a step in the right direction and the various smart home appliances definitely make it possible to have a futuristic home. Then, what about all the security measures that crop up in spy and heist movies? Nearly every workplace with a security concern has probably admired the measures that become capable through acting, imagination, and CGI assistance. Still, there are many security measures seen so commonly in movies that have real-world counterparts that offer just as much protection, if not more.


Whether you are in charge of a government entity or simply run a business in which most of your important records are digital, it’s imperative that your security can keep your employees and your data safe. Security solutions to do this can start with more standard measures like installing live and recordable security cameras and/or hiring security guards. However, the more information you have to protect, the more high-tech you’ll need to go for your security solutions. Biometric security solutions can include facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and even iris identification to greatly increase the control you have over who can access which areas or what information.


In any modern spy or heist movie today, nearly every official-looking character wears an ID badge, which they often use to access secure areas or log in to computer terminals. Of course, this isn’t exactly new or prohibitively expensive technology. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12, for short) was enacted more than a decade ago to increase security and reduce variables of identification requirements between different agencies.

HSPD-12 may have begun back in 2004, but it continues to set an important standard for government security. When this directive was initially put into effect, there were an estimated 5.5 million individuals who would need to be issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards to be in compliance; in the 7 years after, only 64 percent of that total number were actually issued. This may be surprising information because of the increase in security an ID management system can offer, even without additional biometric security technology.



At Condor Tech, we specialize in government regulation compliant security systems, and that includes HSPD-12 compliant ID cards. With our ID management system, you can not only achieve HSPD-12 compliance, you can also monitor employee times and locations, improve building and network security, and even remotely access controls so you can change individual access anytime, anywhere. When you call Condor Tech, you don’t get any old out-of-the-box security systems; our trained security consultants will design the right surveillance and security system based around your business’ needs. Call us today to schedule your consultation!