Identifying Suspicious Behavior

While you security professionals are adept at spotting and dealing with suspicious behavior, it can be difficult to keep a vigilant eye on every corner of your business. Even with security camera systems and roaming guards, one of your biggest assets to security is your daily employees. We are not suggesting that they learn to become security experts, but teaching your employees to identify suspicious activity, as well as the proper way to contact security is a skill that anyone can learn.

To help you company remain nimble and secure, it is important to teach your employees including security staff to identify the following suspicious behavior. Should they see something, it is vital that they report it to the professional security personnel according to your predetermined security protocols. If you have not set up security procedures, contact Condor Tech to learn more.


While running doesn’t seem suspicious at first, there is always a reason somebody is running. Do you recognize this person? Do they look scared? Are they looking around as though somebody may be chasing them? The context of the running is important to identifying a threat. Teach employees to ask why they are running.

Property Transportation

Your business property is important and costly. If someone is spotted transporting business equipment or personal property, it is important to ask them where they are going. Be on the lookout for property being transported at unusual times or locations.

Unusual Vehicles

Vehicles that are not familiar to you may require further inspection. If you notice a person or multiple people sitting in a vehicle this may be a sign of concern. People inspect places they wish to design a plan of execution. Contact your security personnel immediately, even if it is nothing, it is better to be error on the side of safety.

Meandering Individuals

If you see someone walking around door to door, down random hallways, circling the building, or cruising slowly by your office, it is important to contact security immediately. Individuals displaying this type of activity may be surveying the building or searching for a crime of opportunity. Regardless of their motives, its is better to leave the handling of this person to trained security personnel.

Suspicious Items

Bags, packages, or other containers that are left in hallways, rooms, or entrances should be reported to security as soon as possible. While someone may be storing these items somewhere out of the way for safekeeping, malintentions may be possible. It is particularly important to report bags left by people that you do not know, or that acted strangely when leaving the container.

Whether you are well covered in security protocol and personnel or only have a single person that handles security, training your employees to be the eyes and ears of your security efforts add an extra layer of security that may be missing. If you are unsure about your current security effectiveness, contact Condor Tech today for security solutions and consulting in Springfield, Virginia.