Make the Most of Your Security System With PSIM

Everyone wants to get the most out of a purchase – whether it’s spending a bit more for shoes that will last you years or investing in software to help you track your business expenses better. In a market where there are countless options available, it’s easier to tailor your purchases to your exact specifications. If you take the time to do this for yourself and your business, why wouldn’t you do the same for your security system?


Part of tailoring your security system involves setting up a physical security information management system (PSIM). This system will allow you to collect and analyze data, quickly verify and resolve any situations that arise, and compile reports and run audits on the system. It’s a one-stop platform that helps you get the most from your security system.


Condor Tech’s PSIM software collects data from every layer of physical security you have including security cameras, intrusion detection and access control systems, sensors, and more. It will compile your data into reports so you can analyze any potential issues in your system and prioritize improvements.



If a security breach does occur, your PSIM software will allow you to quickly verify the issue and offer steps you and your team can take to resolve it swiftly. Whether it’s a false ID at an access control point or the fire alarm going off, you can instantly see all information available about the threat. Our PSIM software also uses standard operating procedures (SOPs) and best practices based on your system to offer solutions. This way, you can resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.


In order to continually improve the running of your business, Condor Tech’s PSIM software offers handy tools to track the data you will need for compliance reporting. You can also track how every user interacts with your security system, see any changes made, and run audits to gauge response times for various security scenarios. This information will keep your business protected and you prepared.

At Condor Tech, we offer more than straight-from-the-box surveillance systems to protect businesses around Washington D.C. Our security consultants will work with you to create bespoke security solutions based on your needs. To make the most of your system, we recommend adding PSIM to your surveillance system today. To get the most from your security system, centralize it with Condor Tech.

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