Perks of Security Cameras

If there is one take-away from the novel and movie The Nanny Diaries, it’s not that New York City’s high society convoluted enough for a soap opera. For our security-conscious readers, the take-away should be centered on the impact a security camera has. When it comes to protecting your family, your home, and/or your business, a security camera system can have a major impact on security.

This may seem common knowledge. The example of The Nanny Diaries might seem overblown, but there’s no way to know what security holes you have until your security system has been analyzed. The security consultants at Condor Tech offer expert services to evaluate and improve your existing system or help you build the best system from the ground up, based on your needs. Read on for some unexpected reasons a security camera system will benefit you!


With a secure camera system protecting your home, you can deter calamity at home. Think of the damage that could have been prevented in Sixteen Candles if only the Ryan family home was monitored by a camera system. We would have missed out on the epic house party, sure, but no one would have been faced with stacks of empty beer cans and broken furniture when returning from a business trip. With a surveillance system from Condor Tech, you can keep an eye on your house, even whilst you’re out of town, to ensure your teen doesn’t get any wild ideas.


With that heading, you’re probably giving us an incredulous look right now. Of course security cameras are used to prevent theft. That’s what they’re for! But we’re not talking about the big things. With a security system protecting your home or office, you can even keep an eye on who is walking off with your stapler. As an added bonus, installing security cameras is often enough of a measure to encourage employee productivity, not just watch for theft. If your employees know they’re being filmed, they will be less likely to break rules when the boss steps out of the office.


With a security camera system, not only can you deter theft, you can use your system to train employees. You can use your cameras to demonstrate the dos and don’ts for your security team or record events to use for later staff training.



Business trips are hard when they take you away from your family for multiple days. With a wireless security system involving cameras, you can be sure your home is safe while you’re away. Easy access on your phone or computer will allow you to check your home and be sure you don’t see any unknown figures lurking. The systems provided by Condor Tech are advanced enough that you can even watch your kids playing in the backyard while you sit in your hotel room across the country.


Along with peace of mind, installing a security camera system could also save you money! Insurance companies love any assurance they can get that you won’t need to make a claim. Insurance companies know that cameras deter vandalism just as much as they deter theft. With a security camera system, you are telling your insurance company that you are dedicated to protecting your building along with everything inside, and they are more likely to reward you for that with a discount on your premium.

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