Property Management: Security Systems Add Ease

Managing an apartment complex with a single uniform security system is complicated enough; managing a business park, mall, or other structure with multiple businesses and security needs is in a league all its own. Do you need to zone security by building? By floor? By office space? If you don’t know your way around security system specifics, setting up a sufficient and functional security system for your property and tenants’ needs can be a months-long headache. And, in the end, the security system may or may not cover every security concern! Instead of fighting through on your own, trust the security system experts to protect your property. The team at Condor Tech here in Washington D.C. take the time to design a security system individually for each of our clients, so we can put in place the technology that will best benefit your properties and your tenants.


As property managers, it’s ultimately up to you to control who has access to your buildings. This can be complicated when you have a number of different tenants and staff accessing different buildings – or even different portions of a building or floor – because each business is going to have their own security needs. One of the primary steps to efficient security is to control access to every area. Depending on security needs, this can be done through security badges that must be scanned or swiped at access points. These access points can be as broad as opening a gate to the complex and get as specific as entry to a single floor or room. To provide added protection, restricted areas can require additional security measures, such as codes or biometric screening. When you work with Condor Tech, we can customize zones based on the security you and your tenants need.



Thanks to technology advancements, modern security camera systems can radically change the way you do business as well as provide protection. Of course, the obvious is that security camera systems deter break-ins and allow you to monitor access points and the overall security of your building or complex. In addition to that initial layer of visual security, modern security camera systems offer protection in the case of emergencies like fire because they offer real-time monitoring connected to the building’s emergency alert systems. Security camera systems can also work as a diagnostic tool through which you can run a risk assessment and use for training to improve security.


Security systems are protection that never sleeps; this way, you know your buildings are protected 24/7, holidays included. With intrusion detection as part of your property’s security system, you can be sure it’s protected even when no one is present. Arm and disarm your system remotely, manage alerts, and check up on security camera feeds anywhere you have internet access, including your smartphone. Condor Tech’s security team will work with you to design different zones if some portion of your property is used on weekends and other spaces are not.

Protect your property and tenants with a customized security system from Condor Tech. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin the design process!