Protect Yourself With Irrefutable Evidence

The administration of Jefferson High School could not have installed a security camera system at a better time. Almost immediately the benefit became apparent. One student was caught “mooning” a group of others in a common area, and was immediately escorted to the office. His parents were called, and when his mother came to meet with the principal, she swore up and down that her precious son would never do anything like that. It was Principal Blind’s great pleasure, at that moment, to show her video evidence to the contrary.

If you run a school, health care facility, or other business, there’s only one thing you should expect: the unexpected. If crimes are committed, people are injured, or property is damaged or stolen, you may be accused of somehow allowing the transgression to take place. At times like this, the importance of a reliable security camera system cannot be overstated. Conflicting interests and opposing viewpoints can make it almost impossible to determine the truth simply from the oral accounts of witnesses and participants in an incident. However, with a surveillance system recording everything that happens to video, it’s easy to zero in on the time and place of the incident and figure out exactly what happened.

Having constant video surveillance in your facility protects you against accusations and gives you access to irrefutable evidence in any case where it’s important to understand the unbiased truth about something that happened within your building. Don’t let the lies of a perpetrator do damage to your business or organization; contact Condortech Services, Inc. of Springfield to learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to install and operate a security camera system in your facility.