Security Systems That Support Education

At Condortech, we are aware of the challenging and important work that educators are faced with on a daily basis. There are many problems and distractions that can take away from the ability of teachers and administrators to foster a positive learning environment, and we help to keep these issues to a minimum with security systems tailored to each school’s specific needs. For academic institutions in Springfield and the rest of the country, Condortech provides the resources to make schools safer.


Not only do schools depend on a computer network to handle sensitive information for large numbers of students and employees; there is also a high potential for foul play. Students may try to access their school’s network to change grades, while outside threats may target schools to gain access to large quantities of data that could be used for identity theft or worse. Condortech addresses these threats head-on through network engineering and cyber security systems that are proactive to get in front of any potential vulnerabilities.


As important as it is to protect your school’s network, keeping your physical environment safe for your students should always be the highest priority. Students must be protected from intruders, but also each other. If a fight breaks out, for example, a CCTV security camera system could lead to a faster response and also provide evidence to help hold perpetrators responsible. And as far as intruders go, the risk can be greatly reduced through the use of access control and alarm systems.

Let Condortech help you keep your Springfield area school safe so that you can focus on the important job of inspiring a new generation of learners. Contact us today to get started!