The 4 Tiers Of Quality Security Systems

Regardless of your location, there is always a chance of a security breach, and without proper planning the intrusion may result in irreplaceable loss of property, monetary loss, or loss of trust with your customers. To help prevent such losses proper security planning and equipment is a must. With over 25 years of security system experience in both the public and private sector, we are able to give advice that makes a difference. By addressing the four tiers of a quality security system, you will be on your way to a robust security plan.

Prevention – Preventing intrusions is the first step in a robust security system. Condor Tech offers a variety of equipment to prevent unwanted visitors, including access control systems, door hardware, and intercom systems. Security booths are also available to add human security that are able to better assess and respond to security issues.

Detection – If someone is able to make it past your intrusion prevention tier, detecting the intruder is of utmost importance. A security camera system allows you to monitor your entrances, exits, corridors, and more in order to detect suspicious activity and obvious intruders. This human detection, coupled with one of our automated intrusion detection systems makes for a thorough detection tier for your security system.

Response – Once an intruder is detected, a quick and effective response is necessary to stop the threat. The response aspect may consist of a variety of elements, including law enforcement, on site security, remote locks, and outsourced security.

Recovery – If by some chance the perpetrator is able to bypass your previous 3 tiers of security, apprehension of the suspect is your final goal. Fortunately the security system in place, will aid in the recovery of your property. A properly placed security camera system allows you to access all of the information needed to aid in the identification of your intruder as well as the recovery of your belongings.

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