Ways to Provide Access

As modern facility security systems become more and more sophisticated, businesses and organizations now have a wide variety of options for allowing access to authorized personnel. As Springfield’s trusted security consultant company, Condor Tech wants our clients to understand these different options so that we can help you maintain, install, or upgrade the best integrated security system for your needs. Here are a few examples of the ways in which you can provide building access:

Keypads & Codes

Authorized personnel are given a unique number to input on a keypad at an interior or exterior door. The length of the code could be as few as 4 digits, but shouldn’t be longer than 8 to allow for memorization. Your security system can keep track of what codes are used at which doors, and when they were used. Codes can be easily reset or assigned when needed, making it a fairly easy system to administer.


Individuals are given a card to “scan” at the entryway. Depending on the cost, this could either be a barcode that’s read by a laser, a magnetic strip that operates like a credit card, or proximity card that uses radio waves to send a signal to the door’s security interface. In each case, a unique code is associated with each card, so all of the same tracking features are available. One drawback is the possibility of the keycard coming into possession of unauthorized personnel, allowing them all of the same access to your facility.

Fingerprint Scan

For the utmost in building access security, it doesn’t get much better than fingerprint scanning. A record of each authorized individual’s designated scan finger is made, to be compared against every time they wish to gain access to a locked area. No codes to memorize and no cards to lose means that this system is as convenient as it is secure. This method may be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses and organizations.

If you’re considering adding another level of security to your Springfield area business or organization, Condortech are the security pros to do the job. Contact our security consulting company today!