What is Integrated Security?

As threats to businesses, organizations, and agencies become ever more sophisticated, the security industry has responded in kind. The term “integrated” is being applied to security systems with greater frequency. You may wonder what it means. At the most fundamental level, integrated security is aimed at addressing the two basic types of threat: physical threats to your building and property, and logical threats to your data and network. Consolidating defenses against both into one department offers opportunities for increased efficiency and innovative solutions.

Protecting against both physical and logical threats means combining your physical and logical security measures. Your network responds to the building’s security system, and vice-versa. Many larger organizations and government agencies are making use of global credentials that allow employees access to both facilities and computer networks. Here are just a few examples of how integrated security is being implemented:

  • When an individual gains access to a facility, the system recognizes their authorization and unlocks only the physical areas and computers for which they have clearance.
  • Unauthorized entry to the building can trigger the security system to immediately secure the data system from any on-site access.
  • A change in someone’s employment status registered in the HR department automatically grants or disallows access to facilities and networks.
  • The triggering of an alarm can lock inner doors to seal off areas of your building and/or lock your network down. Depending on the type of alarm, those with higher clearance will still be able to move through the building and access the network.

Integrated security means efficient and complete security. Condortech specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining integrated security solutions for federal agencies, businesses, and large organizations. With 25 years of experience in the electronic security industry, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a custom security system that protects you against both physical and logical threats.