Security Solutions For Government Entities, Buildings, Offices, Agencies & Facilities

Experienced Government Security Installation and Integration

We’ve been providing physical and network security installation and integration services to various government agencies since 1989. Today, government contracts make up 90% of our business. We have experience with all government branches throughout the continental United States. We deliver our services through the General Services Administrator Schedule 84 and 70, and strive to bring the best value in terms of cost, quality and services to all the federal agencies that we work with.  CTS understands how government operates and we serve the needs of your key players, including security directors, contracting officers, and contracting technical representatives.

A Team That Stays Up-To-Date on New Regulations, Mandates & Directives

We know that the needs and direction of government security systems is constantly changing, so we make sure that our team stays up-to-date on the latest regulations, mandates and directives. We do this by participating in industry associations, conferences, inter-agency organizations that give us insight into your agency’s needs. We also put internal processes in place that improve our efficiency in communication and procurement.

Get Security Solutions From a Company With More Than 30 Years of Experience

From physical security cameras to protecting your electronic information, our security solutions are playing a key role in fighting cyber threats, terrorism, and organized crime through vital information and communication systems. We have more than 30 years of experience working with government agencies in the following areas:

  • Customs, Border and Immigration
  • Maritime
  • Airport
  • Safe Cities
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Defense and Homeland Security

We’ve been awarded clearance to provide electronic network security services nationwide through the GSA Schedule 84 and 70. That means your agency can depend on our services and trust that we’re using taxpayer money wisely. We’ll meet and exceed the demands of your agency when it comes to fighting internal and external threats to your security.

Find the Security Solutions Your Need

  • “System of Systems”. “Central Command, Communications & Control (C4)” system with redundant and interoperable capabilities, integrating fixed and mobile sensors.
  • Security cameras, intrusion detection, biometrics, perimeter protection, access control systems, and logical and cyber security into a C4.
  • Disaster Response Planning. CTS joins GSA in its Disaster Relief initiative. We can help install and integrate your mobile security, video, and access control systems along with your ID management systems. We’ll also set up a system for response time alerts and tracking.
  • Emergency Evacuation Security Systems
  • Card and ID Management (HSPD-12 compliant)
  • Comprehensive Design-build and installation. Our team can provide project and program management and assessment by integrating socio-economic factors and cultural impacts in the overall security solution.

The CTS team will work with your agency to create the security solutions you need. Contact our security agency today to start working with one of our professionals on designing, installing and implementing your new security system today.

CODES, SIC, and Contracting Vehicles List

  • -NAICS Codes:
  • -NAICS CODE-561621 Security Alarm Systems Sales combines with Installation, Sales, and Monitoring Services
  • -NAICS CODES-513220à517110, 541690, 235310à238310, 56120
  • – 561621-Security Alarm System Sales combined with Installation, Sales and Monitoring Services
  • -513220à517110-Closed Circuit Television Services
  • -541690-Security Consulting Services
  • -235310-Telecommunications Wiring Installation Contractors
  • -334220-Radio, TV and Communications Equipment
  • -541512-Computer Systems Design Services
  • -513220à517110-Closed Circuit Television Services
  • -811211-Intercommunications Equipment – Electronic
  • -235310 à238310-Sound Equipment Construction Contractors
  • -GSA Schedule Contracts:
  • -GSA Schedule 84-GS-07F-0142L
  • -GSA Schedule 70- GS35F0192T SIN 132-62
  • -Partnerships Contracting Vehicles:
  • -GS-07F-7820C Bosch Authorized Reseller
  • -GS-07F-9323S Pelco Authorized Reseller
  • -GSA Contract # GS-07F-0450K-Partner GE Security Authorized Reseller
  • -GS-074F-7733C Hirsch Electronics
  • -GS-03F-4079B Pelco
  • -State Licenses:
  • -VIPSEP-Virginia Department of Transportation State Contract
  • -DCJS #11-1917
  • -MD # 107-1881
  • -SIC Codes:
  • 7382-Security Systems Services- Primary SIC Code
  • 7373-Computer Integrated System Design
  • 7379-Computer Related Services, NEC
  • 7378-Computer Maintenance & Repair
  • 1731-Intercommunications Equipment Installation contractors
  • 1731-Fire Alarms Installation- contractors
  • 1731-Sound Equipment Installation- contractors
  • 1731-Burglar Alarm Installation- contractors
  • 3669-Intercommunications Equipment – Electronic
  • 7622-Intercommunications Equipment Repair
  • 4841-Closed Circuit Television Services
  • 3663-Closed Circuit Television Equipment
  • 7377-Computer Hardware Rental or Leasing-except finance leasing or by the manufacturer
  • 6211-Security Dealers