Healthcare facilities we serve include general hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmaceuticals, and medical centers. CTS provides tailored designed security systems for the healthcare market, meeting and exceeding the needs of each facility. We protect the healthcare industry with the following healthcare information technology and security systems:

Comprehensive Design, Build, and Installation: program and project management/assessment is a professional service we introduce at first in order to take into consideration socio-economic factors and cultural impacts.
Emergency Evacuation Systems and Disaster Response Planning: Smoke alarms, security cameras, and emergency system implementation; all energy efficient and full compliant with different government regulations and initiatives.
CCTV: security cameras, video surveillance, and communication systems
Biometrics: fingerprinting, face and hand geometry, signature and voice systems
Physical Security Information Management
Network Security
Software as a Service (Cloud Computing)
Intrusion Detection Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems: From container management, parking guidance and information systems, to monitoring of vehicle and assets

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