A growing demand of security technology for residential facilities, commercial, or any other property management seems to be expanding as new emerging security systems play a huge role in communication, monitoring, safety measures, time and cost efficiency. Property managers are challenged by these technologies due to cost restraints, CTS provides an interoperable environment where all networks, software, and hardware systems are connected to one centralized system.

CTS offers access control, video surveillance, intrusion and perimeter protection as well as fire/life safety security systems that will completely modernize the way you do business and protect your tenants, staff, and facility. Our professional services allow us to conduct risk assessments of potential threats and other internal/external weaknesses.

Security system solutions we provide to property managers:

• Physical Access Control System (PACS) and smart card/ID system management: monitor personnel whereabouts and provide multi-functional encrypted ID card for facility access.
• Security cameras and closed-circuit TV systems
• Biometrics: real-time databases to identify and verify individuals coming and going.
• Remote control access
• Telephone entry-integrated system
• Mobile and cloud-based platforms for backup and storage of data, making it easier to integrate into existing IT infrastructure (maintenance and energy costs are reduced and improves operational flexibility).
• Fire/alarm safety solutions
• Intrusion detection systems
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