High-tech startups aren’t restricted to Silicon Valley any longer. With widespread access to technology and the easy access to idea-sharing programs online, it seems like technology-centric startups are popping up across the country. If you have a brilliant idea but lack the technological know-how to actually make it happen, it’s easier than ever to team up with someone across the country who is willing to take a leap of faith on your idea. However, as any tech-based movie will tell you, having ample security is important to protecting your magnificent creation from theft, either physical or digital.

High-Tech Security Solutions

Well, okay, maybe those movies about digital information theft may be more than a bit dramatically overblown, but they convey the idea about the need for digital security pretty thoroughly. Unfortunately, protecting your business digitally isn’t quite as straightforward as hiring a few security guards and installing a security camera system – although, you may want to take those measures as well. When it comes to protecting yourself digitally, a locked door and a security camera is hardly going to be sufficient to stop a hacker intent on accessing your information. If you are storing the lifeblood of your business digitally, you ought to take sufficient measures to protect that information.

Comprehensive Security Systems

Physical Security Systems

Physical protection for your business is a good first step; as we mentioned above, a security camera system can be beneficial, especially when it is one you can access remotely and can view anywhere. Working with sensitive information, whether you’re a startup or a government entity, the more layers of protection you have, the better. In addition to a security camera system and a security team on site, an ID management system can allow you to see where your employees are, track history, and restrict access to areas or information. For even greater and less-counterfeitable measures, biometric screening options like facial recognition or iris reading can give an even greater level of customizable security.

Digital Security

To make your security system truly comprehensive, as we mentioned above, you’ll need to attend to your digital security just as much as your physical. This can include everything from restricting how shareable information on your servers is to who can access everything and even where that information is stored digitally. Then, with a physical security information management system (PSIM), you can collect and compile all the data from both your physical and digital security systems. Collecting and analyzing this information improves the understanding of how your business’ security runs and where any potential gaps in security might be.

Hiring a Security Consultant

At Condor Tech, we are firm believers in the power of a comprehensive security system that protects your business digitally as much as it does physically. To make sure each security system fits the needs of a business individually, we have a security consultant work with you to design a customized security system based on your physical presence, access control needs, and technological usage. Call Condor Tech today to schedule a consultation!