Automated Security systems are fully tailored and designed just to meet your business’ security needs. These systems are cost-and-time-efficient as well as user-friendly for your business environment, where you can monitor and control the internal and external areas from burglary or employee theft, robbery, shoplifting or any fire or environmental emergency.

If you are unsure of you future needs or what technology to implement in order to augment your existing security systems, we provide security auditing, designing and programming in order to help you worry less about the security of your business. Our main objective is the safety of employees, customers, and assets from existing threats.

The services and solutions we provide to SMB businesses include:

  • • Intrusion detection and alarm monitoring
    Video surveillance, video analytics, and IP security cameras to detect and record threats near the premises
    Physical Access Control systems (PACS), smart cards/readers, biometrics (for employees, staff, visitors)
    • Asset tracking management systems (with RFID technology)
    • Cloud computing (SaaS) and physical/logical cyber security systems
    • License plate recognition and pattern behavior for ID management

For ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS: Tools such as video surveillance and security cameras, video analytics, access control systems, CCTVs, emergency evacuation, and other leading edge technology are provided, even if you have a dynamic environment we offer the best solutions to meet your demands.

We augment your current business security systems (software or hardware) to eliminate costs and ensure lasting Return on Investment.

Please visit our contact page to learn more about what we have to offer or call us to discuss your specific needs!