Security systems are not complete without quality video surveillance. At Condortech Services, we do everything we can in order to provide you with one that you can truly count on with the features, reliability, durability and ease of use that you need. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we work with you on a personal level in order to design, build, install and manage security cameras and a video surveillance system that provides you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

The CTS team takes the time in order to really understand your space, searching for blind spots and red flag areas where security must be at its peak. In this way, we will design your video surveillance layout, putting the perfect security cameras in the perfect places while installing DVRs and NVRs with the latest designs so that it is easy to manage your operation. In addition to planning, designing, and installing your video surveillance system, we test it, maintain it, and ensure that it is working for you—year after year.

Benefits of Having Video Surveillance

  • Deters Crime
  • Enables You to Find A Criminal If Crime Does Occur
  • Improves Employee Productivity
  • Can Act As a Training Tool
  • Deters Harassment
  • Deters False Lawsuits
  • Can Get You a Discount on Insurance Policy
  • Enables You to Check in from Remote Locations
  • And More

Video Surveillance Products and Services

Design – Build – Install

We work with you and your space in order to find the most cost-efficient and effective system so that you get the security you need for the most affordable price.

Video Management

With specific products that allow you to connect to your network from virtually anywhere in the world, managing your video surveillance system has never been easier.

Security Cameras and Monitors

We invest in only the best products so that we can provide you with only the best service. Because of this, our video cameras and monitors are the most innovative, effective and reliable technology on the market.

Analytics System

With video analytics, you can now take your technology, security and video surveillance system to an entirely different level as your computing software is able to recognize, identify and verify things that your videos are recording.

Learn more today and contact us for your most trusted video surveillance company.