1. Talent Needed!

    As an executive, one of my biggest headaches is finding and hiring talent. Other integrators have felt the same gap of skills and the few specialized engineers available come at a high price. I knew my headache was legitimate when I saw Bloomberg’s report yesterday (Jan 24th), that the United States has fallen out of the Top 10 Countries for Innovation. Meanwhile, Israel ranked # 10 and South Ko…Read More

  2. Holistic Security

    2018 marks 28 years for Condortech Services. Starting from my basement, I am really humbled by the progress we’ve made in these past few decades. The reminiscing didn’t last too long though; I really started to reflect on the industry as a whole and how I’ve seen it evolve over time. When we started in my basement, security was a one-horse kind of industry. You installed a camera, a badge re…Read More

  3. Property Management: Security Systems Add Ease

    Managing an apartment complex with a single uniform security system is complicated enough; managing a business park, mall, or other structure with multiple businesses and security needs is in a league all its own. Do you need to zone security by building? By floor? By office space? If you don’t know your way around security system specifics, setting up a sufficient and functional security system…Read More

  4. Securing Your Startup With The Right Security System

    High-tech startups aren’t restricted to Silicon Valley any longer. With widespread access to technology and the easy access to idea-sharing programs online, it seems like technology-centric startups are popping up across the country. If you have a brilliant idea but lack the technological know-how to actually make it happen, it’s easier than ever to team up with someone across the country who …Read More

  5. HSPD-12: How Is Your ID Management?

    How often does science fiction affect the evolution of technology for our world? Think about the communicator used by characters in Star Trek - it’s easy enough to make the leap to modern day cell phone based on shape and function. The Jetsons had a robot maid; we may not have one device that can handle all the household chores, but a Roomba is distinctly a step in the right direction and the va…Read More

  6. Hiring a Security Firm Versus Independent Security Consultant

    If you’re in the process of setting up a new business or just moving to a new office space, your classified information needs to stay that way. Of course, the best way to ensure your information’s security is to have an integrated and comprehensive physical and digital security system that allows you to monitor everything. Granted, your security needs may vary whether you’re in the governmen…Read More

  7. A Brief History of the Security Camera System

    Thanks in large part to George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, many jokingly or seriously refer to security camera systems as “Big Brother.” This is an impressive legacy for a novel written in 1949, when security camera systems as we know them had barely been a twinkle in developers’ eyes. In Orwell’s novel, the constant refrain, “Big Brother is watching you,” serves as a daunti…Read More

  8. Government Contracts for Security Systems

    In Washington D.C., government agencies make up a huge majority of the city’s industry. Given that we’re talking about our nation’s capitol, it stands to reason there would be a higher than average amount of government entities here. With so much of our country’s military and government workforce and information here, it is vital that our security systems can keep up with everything being …Read More

  9. Make the Most of Your Security System With PSIM

    Everyone wants to get the most out of a purchase - whether it’s spending a bit more for shoes that will last you years or investing in software to help you track your business expenses better. In a market where there are countless options available, it’s easier to tailor your purchases to your exact specifications. If you take the time to do this for yourself and your business, why wouldn’t …Read More

  10. Security Consultants Design the Security World

    When you think about bank security, what is the first thing to come to mind? Odds are good you immediately see the two-foot-thick solid steel contraption with the spinning lock made infamous by movies and cartoons. But logically, you know that’s not how your money is protected. There may be a built-in safe involved, but more than likely, your finances are heavily guarded by levels of digital mea…Read More